A Topping-Out Ceremony to Top Off the Summer for Reno Public Market Food Hall

July 21, 2021

When you hit a milestone in a project, the natural inclination is to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate a construction milestone than a traditional construction topping-out ceremony.

At the heart of Reno Public Market is the Reno Public Market Food Hall, a community gathering space focusing entirely on locally-sourced and created foods, with no chains. We envision this hall as the living room for all of Reno, where friends and family can come together to grab a bite to eat, drink a local brew, or just enjoy each other’s company.

Our construction crews recently passed a big marker towards achieving that vision. With the final concrete beam being placed on the superstructure’s south facade, our crews performed a traditional topping-out ceremony to celebrate this momentous occasion. The ceremony will consist of placing the final concrete beam at the top of the building’s south facade, as well as temporarily placing an evergreen tree and a flag atop the future food hall per topping-out ceremony tradition. Of course, we had to add our own little Reno Public Market spin on the ceremony by re-hanging the iconic “Building For Reno’s Future” banner over the structure as a mark of the progress our crews continue to make. 

Topping-out ceremonies finds its roots in Scandinavian tradition, where builders would place an evergreen tree atop a structure in the village once construction was completed. The tree was meant to honor the forest gods who gave up lumber for the construction of the new building. While the food hall is made of concrete, we still wanted to stick to tradition while bringing modern-architecture and new aesthetics to this historic location.