New Signage Officially Changes at Reno Public Market

May 25, 2022

Formerly Shoppers Square, Reno Public Market will no longer carry the name of its predecessor in its signage. Market developer Foothill Partners Inc. has changed out the large pylon signage with the old Shoppers Square logo for new signage with the updated Reno Public Market logo. The developers have also installed signage above the Reno Public Market Food Hall. 

The large pylon sign calling Reno Public Market by its former name Shoppers Square have all been officially removed and replaced with Reno Public Market signage. The leaders at Reno Public Market consider this event an exciting prelude to the market’s official opening date in Fall 2022 as vendors fill in the remaining spots and Shoppers Square naming disappears from the property.

The main signage on the south facade of the Reno Public Market Food Hall have also been installed by construction crews, bringing the Reno Public Market development one step closer to completion. The sign is the first greeting for future patrons of the market, be it browsing local shops or enjoying local culinary creations at the Reno Public Market Food Hall.

Reno Public Market will incorporate gathering areas that are inclusive and invite residents and visitors alike to share and explore local businesses. This $50 million project will bring modern-architecture and new aesthetics to the historic location.