Reno Public Market Creates Art Collective

July 7, 2020

Reno Public Market partners with founders of Firehouse Art Collective and Makers Paradise in Oakland and Berkeley to introduce the Reno Public Market Art Collective to enrich the Reno culture and arts scene. The collective aims to expand the visual arts in Reno and provide local artists with the resources they need to be successful, creating an artistic cultural center in Reno.

Tom Franco and Larry Silva are directors at Firehouse Art Collective and Makers Paradise in Oakland and Berkeley, as well as a host of other creative outlets across Northern California. The pair will bring with them expertise in creating and developing programs that will launch at the art collective in Reno Public Market in late summer 2021. 

“This new art collective will engage the Reno arts community at Reno Public Market, pushing creators to the forefront,” Franco said.

Nettie Oliverio, the Arts & Culture Director for Reno Public Market, will work closely with Franco and Silva to launch the art collective. Oliverio has deep roots in the Reno arts community, previously serving on the Public Art Committee, the Reno Arts & Culture Commission, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Reno Little Theater and Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts.

“Our community is incredibly arts-rich and our dynamic creative spaces at Reno Public Market will bring working artists together with shoppers and diners for delightful unexpected new experiences and discoveries,” Oliverio said. 

The art collective will include open studio space, event and office space, galleries, classrooms and workshops, and private studio space on the upper level for production. This art collective will give the community the opportunity to engage with local artists and immerse themselves in the Reno art scene. Franco and Silva are also bringing in artists from the Firehouse Art Collective and will be adding local artists to their broad marketing outreach.

“The goal of this new venture is to help these businesses at Reno Public Market become successful through art, and to share arts and culture with the community as a whole,” said Rick Casazza of Reno Public Market.