Reno Public Market Moves Forward Exclusively With Local Food & Vendors

February 22, 2020

Reno Public Market teamed up with RGJ food and drink reporter Johnathan Wright to get an inside look into what kind of local cuisine the food hall will bring to the Reno area. Leaders of the project told Wright that the project will focus entirely on locally-sourced and created foods, with no chains in sight. 

With Steve Schroeder, founder of Food Truck Friday, taking the role of food and beverage consultant, it’s no wonder that the project is gathering inspiration from the growing popularity of food trucks and street food. Schroeder says that he is currently in the process of recruiting vendors, the signing of whom depends on the pace of construction and the layout of the food hall. So far, it’s established that “the 16,000 square-foot food hall will feature stalls for up to 20 or so vendors, with Fifty Fifty Brewing Co. out of Truckee anchoring the hall at one end and a not-yet-chosen restaurant at the other.” The hall will feature vendors with food ranging from “deli, Hawaiian and vegetarian/vegan outfits to Cajun, Asian and chicken wing operations to street tacos and three suppliers of baked goods.”

Schroeder mentions that he wants the vendors “to really represent Reno, to make the food hall a destination and a place you can go on a daily basis. That will be the draw to our public here.” To find inspiration, a few members of the team embarked on a tour of some of the most famous public markets in the United States, including Legacy Hall in Plano, Texas and Time Out Market New York. The tour solidified their vision of Reno Public Market as not only a hub for delicious food, but also a cultural experience where people will gather to enjoy one another’s company.

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Potential vendors who would like to learn more about the food hall should email Schroeder at