Reno Public Market: The Biggest Little City’s Next Big Art Scene

June 23, 2022

New community center providing space for local makers while partnering with local artists for food hall centerpiece

Reno Public Market will be more than just a shopping space. Our new community center is providing space for local makers, and we’re partnering with local artists for our food hall centerpiece. The market is uplifting local artists, providing space for local artists and musicians, as well as partnering with local artisans to create a centerpiece for a stage in the Reno Public Market Food Hall. 

“A quarter of the space at Reno Public Market is dedicated to arts and culture,” said Nettie Oliverio, arts & culture director at Reno Public Market. “When we started this project, we knew we had to ensure a portion of the space was for uplifting local makers.”

Reno Public Market is currently partnering with local artist Jeff Johnson to restore a vintage neon sign originally created for a dress shop in old Shopper’s Square spelling out “Faye’s” for the Reno Public Market Food Hall. The neon sign will hang on the stage  in the center of the food hall, where local musicians, performers and presenters will take the stage for “Live at Faye’s!”. Reno Public Market is currently accepting submissions for local artists to perform on the stage. 

“We love that we get to help restore the artistry of yesterday while uplifting Reno’s present art community,” said Doug Wiele, founding partner at Reno Public Market. “The vendors in the food hall also contribute to Reno Public Market being a hub for Reno makers.” 

Confirmed tenants at Reno Public Market championing local artists include Wandering Wyld and Makers Paradise. Makers Paradise is creating the Reno Public Market Art Collective with open studio space, event space, galleries, classrooms and workshops, and private studio space on the upper level for production. Wandering Wyld’s space is expected to open in Summer 2022, complete with space for 60 local artists and small businesses to display their creations. 

The Reno Public Market Food Hall is expected to officially open in Fall 2022, so mark your calendars to check out Reno’s next big art venue!