Some Good News: Reno Public Market to Continue as Planned

May 19, 2020

Construction Continues at Reno Public Market With COVID-19 Health Precautions in Place

As normal business operations become disrupted globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are wondering what life will look like in the aftermath. Here in Reno, many locals are wondering that same thing—and trying to imagine what their community will look like after the pandemic subsides and we’re free to gather, celebrate and explore the places we love.

The good news? Soon, after stay-at-home directives have ended and we’re all roaming free again, the people of Reno will have a new place to love. That place will be the Reno Public Market—a development project that is set to continue as planned in the midst of all this certainty.

In observance of the social distancing guidelines outlined by the CDC, demolition and construction will continue at Reno Public Market through safe and precautionary methods. This will keep the people working hard to make this new Reno landmark a reality healthy and safe even as they work to kick off an exciting new era in Reno history.

And in the meantime, the CVS located inside the existing property will continue operations providing groceries, pharmaceutical care, and other resources that the surrounding community depends on. 

Rick Casazza and Doug Wiele, the masterminds behind Reno Public Market, are committed to seeing this project through to completion and are invested in Reno in the long term. Neither developer is a stranger to economic downturns, and from those lessons learned they are confident that Reno Public Market, and Reno as a whole, will recuperate. 

When Reno Public Market is complete, there will be plenty for Reno visitors and locals alike to look forward to. These include plans to include large family-friendly gathering areas designed to foster a sense of community within the project’s walls, a public market food hall, daily-needs retail spaces, a specialty organic grocer, an art collective and community-based coworking area.

The space will welcome all community members and will strive to become the ultimate Midtown destination for everyday shopping, dining and socializing for the Reno metropolitan area. It will reimagine the 150,000 square-foot structure located on Plumb Lane, updating it with contemporary architecture and community-focused, inviting interior and exterior design. 

Reno Public Market will continue to push forward with construction and development and will be a pillar in the community long after this pandemic subsides.